Interview with Ben from BEE Clothing

Tristan Caleb

Spoke & Stringer headed to Convent Garden to collaborate with Temple Cycles, Roamers and Seekers, and Bee Clothing.

The Pop up shop was based in Earlham Street next to the Seven Dials.

During that our time in London we had a chance to catch up with Ben from Bee Clothing, Hackney-Based Designer.

What are you liking at the moment? (in the world of fashion)

- Clothing with new fabrics incorporated with technology, function meets fashion. A lot of high street brands (like northface) are collaborating with street wear, but It's not my thing.

Who is your brand for?

- Well, I started the brand because I wanted to build products for cyclists. Traditionally people wore lycra, it doesn't look good. Now it's branched out to something more.

What's the future for Bee Clothing?

- Ideally I want my own shop, but I see that in the next 3-5 years. In the meantime, I want to do more pop ups and collaborate with brands that work with accessories. Pop ups before a new range.


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