NEW surfboards by Indio Endurance now in stock.

NEW surfboards by Indio Endurance now in stock.

In the market for a new surfboard? We've hand picked some of the best Indio Endurance boards for those looking to improve their skills without having the big price tag.

Indio Surfboards focus on both beginner and intermediate surfers. Their soft boards have long been used in some of the best surf schools across Europe, while the Endurance tech with epoxy resin cover a vast range of designs for the intermediate surfer. Here is everything you need to know about what we've got available at Spoke & Stringer this summer...

1. Indio Endurance - Rancho 6'2 in Aqua Green, £390.

Perfect for surfers who are starting to catch their first waves, this board is designed for small to medium conditions. It easily catches any wave due to its full nose and volume. On the bottom of the board, the flat midsection gives acceleration and the V in both the nose and tail makes the rail to rail transition faster.

The wide outline is pulled in with the tail wings help to make the round tail smaller for tighter turns. It's an ideal first short board for novice to intermediate surfers to catch more waves and have more fun.

2. Indio Endurance - Racer 6'8 in Aqua Blue, £450.

This is the most versatile board of the Indio family as it's designed for all types of waves and surfers. The large surface area and V in the nose will take you to the next level of paddle control. The relatively flat mid-rocker and single concave between the feet transition into a double concave then a V in the exit. These elements are proven and tested to be your one board quiver. 

3. Indio Endurance DAB From the Eighties, £440.

A classic fish style that has been progressively updated over the years to suit the latest surfing style. Recommended for beginner to intermediate surfers and available in two sizes. 

Its wide and low tip helps you improve your paddling and its soft rocker gives you great paddling power while making it very easy to use. Plus, its simple concave at the wide point of your feet will help you make the transitions from edge to edge. To finish off with a double concave at keel height to give you extra speed and control.

4. Indio Endurance - Combo 6'1 in Purple, £420.

The perfect board for beginner to intermediate level surfers. The Indio Endurance Combo is a board to enjoy surfing. A board with a wide rocket and parallel edges, which will make it easier for you to catch waves and take off. Made of highly resistant and durable epoxy. 

5. Indio Endurance - Plus Banana Light 7'0", £440.

Don't be fooled by its boat-like (or longboard) appearance, the kick in the tail rocker makes this board turn like a shortboard. The nose rocker helps to avoid digging the nose on the take off and rails during bottom turns.

This board is perfect if you want a relaxing session and don't want to hassle with the groms on the inside. Perfect if you're a novice to intermediate surfer and are looking for a fun wave catching machine.

6. Indio Endurance - Big Fish 7'2 in Sand, £440.

This board brings the Californian style of surfing to the Indio family. It is a sea assassin that will help you catch as many waves as your arms can catch. Once on the wave it helps you fly down the line and past sections. The deep concave and low 80/20 rails make the board more manoeuvrable and fun for all levels of surfing.

7. Indio Endurance - Mid Length Epoxy 8'0" in Terracotta, £460.

This board is designed to maximise fun and progression. The shape is similar to a longboard but smaller and more maneuverable. You can walk on the board or just surf the midpoint.

It will perform wherever you stand thanks to its flat midsection rocker, tail rocker and 60/40 rails.

To find out more info about all of our boards click the link here, or pop in store!


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