Spoke & Stringer X Ecologi

Spoke & Stringer X Ecologi

Spoke & Stringer planted 281 trees in February with Ecologi! Fuelled by our Loyalty Cards & Catering Covers, we are beyond excited to have begun our monthly tree-planting journey with Bristol-based, future-thinking company Ecologi 🌳


Why are we doing this?

Spoke & Stringer was founded from a passion for curating menus & product collections to help you fuel your lifestyle & escape the daily grind. On our days off, you will probably find us by the coast surfing, or just escaping the city and experiencing nature on walks or cycles. In our personal lives, we strive to minimise our environmental footprint as much as possible - and we have also been operating our business with this mindset as much as we can.

We have taken steps towards better practices & procedures in all areas of our business, from our Cafe & Catering food offering, suppliers & plant-based only packaging which is home compostable as much as possible, to our Shop shipping methods & stock. We have also shunned traditional marketing methods such as 'Black Friday' that don't align with these values, and encourage our customers to take part in our initiatives such as offering re-usable keep cups at wholesale price to promote their use.

It’s now common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis and keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5°C is to plant trees. They are also crucial in preventing ecological collapse. We can't just wait for things to improve  - we all need to take steps towards securing a safer future for our planet Earth.



Why Ecologi?

Ecologi was created so people like YOU can actually take on the climate crisis. Their community of over 24,000 individuals, families and businesses are funding a huge range of leading climate solutions, to one day be responsible for halving the world’s emissions by 2040. They have already planted 30 million trees since 2019! 

Ecologi are a fully transparent organisation and make all financial documentation publicly available. You can find detailed revenue data alongside quarterly reports. With the subscription money they receive, 85% goes towards funding climate projects. Check out their reforestation and carbon offsetting projects here.


What can you do?

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week you can become climate positive. Join us on this important climate crisis movement and feel empowered, challenged and inspired. As well as helping the planet recover, your input will create employment for local families and restore wildlife habitats.

Check out the Spoke & Stringer Forest and keep up to date with our monthly planting.

Sign up to Ecologi and create your own profile with our unique referral link which will get you a bonus 30 trees! 


🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳 🌳


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