• Ride Culture Salt - M/SF/T Surfboards Tour of England

    Ride Culture Salt - M/SF/T Surfboards Tour of England

    Coming up on 14th August, <a href="">Misfit</a> &amp; Toy Factory’s Surfboard Tour of England stop off at our place! We’ll be hosting an evening of live music, short films, street food, live art from the Misfit man himself - Jack Irvine, and most importantly, a once in a lifetime chance to custom order directly with Misfit Shapes.
  • Bristol Surf Film Festival '16

    Bristol Surf Film Festival '16

    From humble beginnings, BSFF quickly became a massively successful and over subscribed event. In 2014 attendees from Cornwall, London, Wales and Devon joined a strong local contingent in Bristol’s iconic Cube Cinema. Then in 2015, organisers teamed up with Spoke & Stringer to make BSFF 2015 the largest surf event of its kind.
  • Wavelength 245

    Wavelength 245

    We teamed up with Wavelength magazine to launch their 245th issue our shop. We were lucky enough to have Matt Crocker, producer and director of The Endless winter (which featured Matt Corbett and Mark Harris and their obsession with waves through out England) speak to us about the sequel; The Endless Winter 2, about chasing surf from France to Spain then Portugal to Morocco.
  • Our favourite Surfing Apps

    We're thinking of heading out soon to go surfing, winter won't stop us, we're craving a little freedom. Too much grind man, it's stressing us out. We pick up our smartphone's and check what's going on wind wise. Apps, apps,...

  • Fergal Smith Visits Spoke & Stringer

    Fergal Smith Visits Spoke & Stringer

    Ex Prosurfer, Fergal Smith (Finisterre Ambassador) came to visit Spoke and Stringer, had a brief chat to Bristolians about his current projects that he’s working on.