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    Pop-up Shop / Project Office - 27 St Stephens Street Bristol

    While further negotiations take place with our good friends in the commercial property sector opening this pop-up shop has been great for introducing new people to our products and plans for the Harbourside in 2015 - Drop by!!

    An Evening with Spoke & Stringer 6/12/14

    Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1UgJD_I2ZE for a glimpse of the action.
    We had great night putting on the event at 40 Alfred Place in Bristol! Look forward to the next. It gave us the opportunity to meet new people and test out parts of our intended Menu which looked something like this:
    PINTXOS – Tasters coming around during the evening
    • Goats Cheese, Red Onion Chutney, Pistachio
    • Red Cabbage Slaw, Marinated Courgette Strips, Chilli
    • Grilled Portobello Mushroom, Grilled Chicken Breast Strip, Chill
    • Creme Fraiche, Marinated Sardine fillet and a heritage tomato salsa
    • Spinach pesto, salted Hake fillet, goats cheese crumble and fresh chilli
    • Harissa Lamb and Mint - Spiced lamb mince burger, homemade harissa mayo, crumbled goats cheese and a dollop of our creme fraiche, sour cream, mint, garlic and cucumber goodness.
    • Blue Burger - British beef Pattie, red onion chutney, blue cheese, heritage tomato, baby gem tomato and a blue cheese mayo.
    • Chicken and Courgette - Grilled chicken breast, grilled courgette stripes, onion, heritage tomatoes and baby gem lettuce. ? (Maybe some kind of cajun style marinade on the chicken breast)
    • Portabello Mushroom - Grilled Portobello, chilli, basil, creme fraiche with rocket and spinach.



    Marine Machine Leather Supply

    Fresh for Winter and currently in stock!! 
    It's freezing out there and these jackets are the remedy!
    The highest quality products that'll keep your bones warm and protected from the elements. With the added bonus of having the freshest leather jackets money can buy - with only limited numbers produced!
    See the apparel collection for more details

    Guy Surfboards

    Guy Surfboards - ONBOARD! - English Born shaper living and creating out of the Basque Country. We're lucky enough to be able to stock some absolute beauties. Now taking custom orders - check out the video below for inspiration!