Tropicfeel - Shell Backpack

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A backpack and wardrobe system with unmatched versatility, easy access, and organization to pack up to 20% more. 

Adjusts to fit your needs. Shrink it. Expand it.

Shell’s 3-in-1 adaptable design shifts between 20L to 42L. That means you can unlock space when you’re packing for your weekend trip and lock it back up when you’re heading out for some day-time exploration.

*Accepted as carry on by most airlines up to 32,5L configuration.


Wet outside, dry inside: Weatherproof materials ensure that your belongings are protected against the elements.  All of the materials have been treated with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment, aPU coating, or both. This makes the backpack itself weatherproof & water-repellent. During heavy rain, water could eventually penetrate through the seams.

Comfort on the move: Ergonomically designed with a hidden hip belt, adjustable chest, and waist straps so you feel comfortable no matter the load.

Recycled materials: Made with 100% Recycled Nylon and 64% Recycled Polyester.

Lightweight: Travel light even with 20% more packed in.

Specifications: The dimensions of this backpack can change according to its expansion:

About Tropicfeel

Tropicfeel is a Barcelona-based brand, known for their versatile footwear and bags designed for adventure-seekers. Their products are carefully crafted with a focus on comfort, durability, and sustainability, making them ideal companions for exploring diverse landscapes.