Pukas - Worker Jumpsuit

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Remember summer days gone by with this half sleeve jumpsuit. Crafted from viscose fabric, it provides a neutral canvas for the soft acid details, flattering the shape while maintaining a subtle hint of summer.

Small buttons fasten together in the front the concealed drawstring adjusts at the waist before the breathable fabric falls down into baggy pants. 


- Colour: Black 

- Side Pockets

- 100% Viscose


Pukas Surf is a family driven company based in the Basque Country and has built a reputation for making quality high-performance surfboards and custom bikinis. Mixing a global view and a local knowledge, the group has been able to feed their surf addiction since they first hand shaped a surfboard in 1973.

Along the way came the surf shops, the surf contests, the friends and the parties, the surf Factory, the professional Pukas surfers, the good and the bad, the surf schools and the stokedness; Surfing at its finest. Pukas is surf and always will be.