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    Before purchasing online, we recommend checking out the size guide for each brand below. Each clothing item has been designed to fit the body measurements indicated in the chart below. Actual clothing measurements will vary by style and fit. If you need further help, please reach out via e-mail to: emma@spokeandstringer.com, or use our Chat Box on the bottom right of this page.


    Headwear: How to Measure

    Step 1: Find a cloth measuring tape or a length of string long enough that it can be wrapped around the circumference of your head.

    Step 2: Looking in a mirror, begin measuring by wrapping the string or cloth tape around your head where a hat would comfortably sit. We suggest measuring about an inch above the brow, a finger width distance above the ear and across the most prominent point of the back of your head.

    Step 3: Mark the point where the two ends of the string or tape join together. If using a string, lay flat against a measuring tape to get your measurement in inches or centimetres.

    Step 4: Be sure to measure twice for accuracy and review our sizing chart to select the size that will best suit you. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up.