Elvine - Isaacson Trousers


Elvine - Isaacson Trousers
Product Description

Isaacson is the most relaxed trouser in the collection and it has that sophisticated street look that is a signature Elvine characteristic. A comfortably loose hip and thigh combined with pleated front and tapered fit offer an effortlessly stylish trouser.
Summer wool adds to the elegant feel. There are two jetted flap pockets at back with button closure.
100% linen

Brand Info

Elvine pride ourself on a strong denim philosophy, but aim to produce a varied line that goes beyond denim, incorporating different materials, washes and treatments in order to give the clothes an effortless elegance. Hailing from a city hardened by the most rainfall in Sweden, we are best known for our well designed jackets.We strive to produce clothes that transcend seasons, that are easy to wear and combine with the rest of your wardrobe, clothes with a good fit and clean cut, ornamented with innovative details that force others to take notice.