Firewire - Helium - Seaside

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Shaper - Rob Machado 

While enjoying the skatey feel of his Go Fish, Rob sought to enhance its performance for tighter turns, more carves, and better tube riding.

Instead of overhauling the Go Fish, Rob refined it into a 'ripper', with a smaller tail, narrower swallow tips, and a pulled-in nose for tighter turns in critical wave sections.

Designed as a quad, the Seaside’s concaves and bottom contours are tailored for this setup. Rob reworked the concave configuration to match the new quad fin set (coming soon from Futures!).

Named after Seaside Reef in Cardiff, CA, the board excels in beach and point breaks. Firewire's Helium construction keeps it lightweight, responsive, and durable, ideal for smaller, less powerful waves.

Firewire’s Helium tech is lighter, more durable, and more responsive than their LFT construction. Their boards, designed with cutting-edge technology and environmental considerations, are perfect for most surfers and typical wave conditions. If you haven’t tried one yet, now’s the time.

About Firewire

Firewire Surfboards are at the forefront of surfboard innovation, crafting high-performance boards that push the boundaries of wave riding. Established in 2005, Firewire has gained a reputation for their dedication to sustainability and the use of cutting-edge technology in their board construction.