Firewire - Volcanic Helium – Seaside

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Shaper - Rob Machado

The Seaside, a collaborative creation by Machado & Firewire, is a dynamic and high-performance quad surfboard designed for ultimate shredding. Inspired by Rob Machado's philosophy of fast, playful enjoyment, every aspect of the board's concave and contours has been carefully reimagined with a quad setup in mind.

Incorporating Firewire's revolutionary "Volcanic Technology," the Seaside boasts a groundbreaking construction method that utilizes basalt fibers extracted from volcanic rocks for the glassing process. This innovative material not only reduces the board's weight but also provides exceptional flexibility and responsiveness. Notably, the use of basalt fibers contributes to environmental sustainability, making it a great choice for eco-conscious surfers. 

The elasticity characteristics of this fiber is higher than that of traditional Carbon fiber allowing the board to have more flex for a natural feel under foot.


About Firewire

Firewire Surfboards are at the forefront of surfboard innovation, crafting high-performance boards that push the boundaries of wave riding. Established in 2005, Firewire has gained a reputation for their dedication to sustainability and the use of cutting-edge technology in their board construction.