M/SF/T Shapes - 5’10 DINGO BANDIDO w/5 FIN


Misfit Shapes

Designed with vertical, progressive aerial surfing in mind - another co-designed Otis Carey signature board. A Wider nose and tail draws rail line out making it more parallel to create maximum drive.  Drive and lift is also created by a deep single concave throughout the entire length of the board. A fairly flat rocker gives it paddle power and speed, but the increased flip in the 8" crescent tail allows explosive, yet smooth release through turns and airs. This model comes standardised with a 5 fin set up for surfing options. Order 4-6" Shorter and approx 1/2" wider than your regular shortboard.

Wave height: 1-5ft | Height: 5'10" | Width: 19 1/2" | Thickness: 2 3/8" | Volume: 29.3L