M/SF/T Shapes - 5’10 SPACE DOLPHIN w/TRI


Misfit Shapes

The Thruster Space Dolphin is the raddest in the range  and a punt machine for progressive surfing in small - mid range wave conditions. This model has a deep single concave from nose to the 7" chopped tail. This tail width, deep concave, coupled with parallel rails and low entry rocker means massive drive and acceleration getting you in and out of sections faster. Increased, refined tail flip and clustered fins allows release to punt and throw your fins. Ride approx 4-6" Shorter, 1/2" Wider than your regular shortboard.

Wave Height: 1-4 ft | Height: 5'10" | Width: 19 5/8" | Thickness: 2 3/8" | Volume: 28.8L