Machado Seaside Quad Fin Single Tab - Bamboo/Black

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The new Machado Seaside Quad fin set is a radical and high-performing upgrade that will elevate your surfing experience. Designed specifically for the Seaside, it also fits well in any quad fin board. With improved balance and versatility, this updated version offers a remarkable blend of carving ability and tighter, immediate pivoting.

Notable enhancements include slightly more raked front fins and more upright quad trailers, allowing for enhanced carving and tighter pivoting. The effective area of the front fins has been adjusted with increased rake, while the back fin features more curve and stiffness. These modifications expand the sweet spot, providing greater freedom to position your back foot without compromising on carving or quick sliding abilities.

The new Machado Seaside Quad is both stiffer and lighter, thanks to its bamboo construction, resulting in an exceptional surfing experience. Manufactured by the reputable Endorfins factory, these fins represent a significant advancement in design and performance for quad fin setups.