Pukas - INDIO 5'5" 1/2 QUAD BLACK


Originally designed for small waves, this board suits in a wide variety of conditions and is seriously fun. French beaches have been the inspiration source for the shaper Axel Lorentz .

The summer breeze and swell made him design a soft entry rocker and wide nose providing easy paddle and an extra bit of location. A full concave bottom finishing to V on the tail affords plenty of speed without scarifying manoeuvrability. This board is fast, responsive and easy to surf with. Already a team favourite, a great tool for poor to average waves.

Fins // Quad
Tail // Round
Waves // The Resin Cake is meant to be ridden in soft beach breaks

Length: 5'5"
Width: 21
Thickness: 2 1/8
Litres: 41