Pukas - PLAN B 5' 9"


We wanted the board to feel performance by its look too, so we didn’t shorten it much (order it two to three inches shorter). It’s meant to be ridden at average beach breaks so this high-performance twin is winged, has a round pin, improves performance by its key fin placement, his bottom contours are refined and combines it all with a narrower tail for a greater control.

These aspects, all well mixed up with the recipe of Axel Lorentz, will give you lots of speed, a maneuverability that could take you as vertical as your skill permits, reduces the slide when turning with aggressiveness and will definitely spice up your quiver.

Fins // Glassed Twin fin / Tri Fin option
Tail // Winged Rounded Pin
Waves // All waves
Surfer Level // Average to expert

Length: 5'9"
Width: 20 1/4
Thickness: 2 7/16
Litres: 31.61
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