Sea Lover's Cookbook - Sidney Bensimon

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A gorgeous homage to coastal food and living filled with delicious recipes and dreamy photography of beaches, boats, and the sea.

For ocean lovers and seafarers, this photo-rich cookbook features 65 vegetable-forward and pescatarian recipes to satisfy hungry sailors and surfers or to savor after a day of beachy languor. From the Captain's Breakfast Sandwich to Vegetable Ceviche with Coco Leche de Tigre, Lemon and Herb Pasta with Shrimp, and Orange Cardamom Almond Cake, these recipes are easy enough to make in a galley kitchen on a sailboat or in a beach bungalow with limited equipment, and they all encourage seasonal, sustainable cooking. Eco-friendly travel and boating tips, plus vivid stories from the author's far-flung nautical adventures, make this more than just a cookbook. Rife with stunning photography of coastlines, boat life, and briny-fresh dishes, The Sea Lover's Cookbook is a treasure trove of tempting recipes, a love letter to the ocean, and a dreamy showpiece for any beach house kitchen.

BEAUTIFUL TO GIFT AND DISPLAY: These pages are full of evocative photographs of rocky coastlines with handsome lighthouses, boats docked at bustling harbors, crystal blue water crashing on sandy beaches, and lazy afternoons on sun-drenched sailboats. Display the book as a coffee table showpiece at your beach house or wherever you live as a marker of style and taste. It also makes the perfect gift for ocean lovers, beach house owners, and home cooks who like to surf, sail, or go for long walks on the sand.

FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES THE WATER: The Sea Lover's Cookbook is for anyone who loves the sea or the beach-whether you live by the water, visit the coast frequently, or only dream about it. It is not strictly a seafood cookbook (a handful of recipes feature fish, but most are vegetarian), and you don't have to live by the ocean to enjoy it. These recipes and photos will transport you there.

FRESH, APPROACHABLE RECIPES: These recipes are creative and easy enough for anyone to whip up-no cooking experience required. With fresh flavors, an informal tone, and captivating photography, this book makes you feel like you're sailing the high seas in the very best company. In a beach house kitchen, it will surely be the most-used book on the shelf!

MORE THAN A COOKBOOK: With lifestyle tips on sustainable boating practices, buying wine abroad, shopping for fish, and making the most of coconuts, The Sea Lover's Cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes. Aspirational photography and compelling travel stories make this book as fun to flip through and read cover-to-cover as it is to cook from.

Perfect for:

  • Seaside dwellers who like to cook
  • Home cooks who love the ocean, whether or not they live nearby
  • Foodies and food enthusiasts who love nature and want to cook sustainably
  • Surfers, sailors, boaters, beachcombers, and anyone who enjoys beach/water activities
  • Beach house owners
  • Armchair travellers