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Experience a captivating fusion of awe-inspiring photographs and intimate narratives in "Wayward," a remarkable collection by Chris Burkard, a prominent surf, nature, and adventure photographer, as well as a devoted conservation advocate and influential social media figure.

Journey with Burkard to remote coastal and wilderness destinations, from the untamed shores of Russia to the rugged landscapes of Norway, Iceland, and the Aleutian Islands. Amidst adversity, including hypothermia, camera gear losses, and even nights in confinement, he persevered to capture iconic images that define his life's work. While his photographs have graced the pages of magazines and featured in marketing campaigns for brands like Patagonia and Sony, and garnered millions of social media views, Burkard has never before shared the complete stories behind these odysseys—until now.

This narrative unfolds with previously unseen images, as Burkard weaves a tale that combines the suspense of an explorer's adventure with the immediacy and emotive power of unforgettable photographs. Documenting the trials and triumphs of building his career, Burkard ignites a contagious enthusiasm for photography, surfing, and the relentless pursuit of dreams in some of the world's most breathtaking locales.