Write & Release Journal - Nicola Taggart

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An uplifting journal that provides an easy-to-follow daily writing ritual to release worries and cultivate joy.

For fans of stress-busting bestsellers like Calm the Chaos , Am I Overthinking This?, and Let That Sh*t Go , this inviting journal guides users through proven techniques for relieving stress and releasing day-to-day worries. Each spread features short prompts on how to gently process anxiety, explore simple ways to alleviate worry through positive thinking and mindfulness, and then let it go. Journalers will discover:- Easy-to-follow prompts to help you process anxious thoughts and worries. - Mindfulness tools to soothe your mind and gently release stressful feelings. - Uplifting affirmations to encourage hope, kindness, and gratitude. A gorgeous package with a calming aesthetic and plenty of space for reflection, this journal is a lovely companion for self-care enthusiasts and anyone looking for accessible tools to support calm and joy in everyday life.

MINDFULNESS MADE EASY: Filled with simple guided practices for stress relief and calm, this book makes it easy to incorporate powerful mindfulness practices into daily life to manage worry and anxiety.

EXPERIENCED AUTHOR: Nicola Ries Taggart is a sought-after life coach and the author of Calm the Chaos Cards and Calm the Chaos Journal . She focuses on helping people claim their personal power to create the life they desire and love. She created this calming journal as a hands-on tool for transforming worries into wishes, seeing more positive perspectives and possibilities, and feeling more peace.

BEAUTIFUL SELF-CARE PURCHASE OR GIFT: Uplifting, beautifully packaged, and affordably priced, this journal is a practical and inspiring tool for anyone looking to incorporate mindfulness habits and self-care into everyday life.

POWERFUL COMPANION: This petite and attractive journal is a lovely accessory that slips nicely into a bag or backpack or sits invitingly on a bedside table, making it easy to leave your worries on the page so you can live with confidence and joy.

Perfect for:- People looking for simple ways to alleviate stress - Anyone experiencing burnout - Meditators, mindfulness practitioners, and self-care enthusiasts - Gifting to overwhelmed loved ones or anyone in need of stress management tools - Fans of Calm the Chaos JournalThe Five Minute Journal, and Mindfulness Cards