Xcel -5MM Split Toe Drylock Boot


The 2016 Drylock boot by Xcel is their most advanced premium wetsuit ever made and is packed with features to not only keep your feet warm this winter but will allow to perform to your maximum ability.

The all new Xcel Drylock wetsuit boot comes fully loaded with TDC Thermo Dry Celliant Lining - TDC features mineral-enhanced smart fibres that recycle body heat into infrared energy for greater warmth, increased endurance, faster recovery, and enhanced overall performance. You will not want to return to a standard lining after using this stuff!

The Drylock is loaded with a full list of exclusive executive style features all with the aim of keeping you in the water longer and surfing better in comfort.
They Drylock boot has an ergonomically angled Velcro strap that keeps your foot locked in place eliminating boot roll, It also has Drylock ankle seals for a premium comfort fit and to stop water seeping down into the boots. The improved thin yet very durable rubber sole offers a much truer board feel which in turn allows you to surf better.
The split toe has a solid base on the bottom which completely eliminates those annoying leash catches and hangups. The boot itself is made from 100% Ultrastretch lightweight neoprene with the seams gluded and blindstitched with inner taping and outer Taitex to keep water out and warmth in. Even the ankle strap which helps you get the boot on and off hasn't been over looked. This is pressure bonded to the outer boot so no stitches penetrate the neoprene which again keeps water out.

Summed up, if you want the absolute best 5mm wetsuit boot on the market you need look no further.