You Are Here: Hikes: The Most Scenic Spots on Earth

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Whether you're planning a getaway or simply daydreaming about one, this thoughtfully curated collection of incredible hikes from around the world provides inspiration for awe-inspiring travel adventures that are both attainable and inspiring.

"You are Here: Hikes" showcases stunning photographs of hidden gems and renowned natural wonders, from enchanting forests to mesmerizing sunsets, coastal trails resembling jewels, and ancient rock formations. You'll also find wildflower meadows and breathtaking vista points. Each handpicked location is a unique journey, complete with geolocation information that beckons you to visit. You'll feel as though you're right there, or could be.

Choose your own path: These captivating photographs will stir your adventurous spirit, and each destination, tagged with geolocation information, invites you to explore.

A wide variety of hiking destinations: From rocky alpine summits to tropical fern-filled forests, crystalline ice formations to stunning autumn foliage, impressive waterfalls to lush valleys, towering redwoods, and more.

Whether you're an armchair explorer or ready to venture outdoors, this collection is equally suitable for igniting your next adventure or capturing the beauty of nature to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

Inspiring photography: The striking photographs gathered here will not only inspire your wanderlust but also encourage you to share your own journey and images from these incredible places.

Perfect for: Travel enthusiasts seeking a uniquely memorable hiking experience and anyone seeking inspiration to capture and share photos of these stunning scenic locations.