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At Spoke & Stringer, we thrive on adventure and escapism whether you find this on a custom motorcycle, surfboard, push-bike, skateboard or design, fashion and the arts.
Ride culture encompasses the sub-culture of motorcycle customisation, creative surfboard design, bicycle design and related apparel.

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We firmly believe that a healthy body and mind play in your ability to maximise your freedom.
Hours of riding a motorcycle, surfboard or what ever it may be takes its toll on the body - therefore you need to fuel up on foods with the highest nutritional value.

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Brixton ride London to Wales 2017

A few weeks ago the boys of Brixton went on a bike trip from London to Wales. Here’s a taste of what they got up to… I woke up to an array of texts...

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Ride Culture Salt - M/SF/T Surfboards Tour of England

Coming up on 14th August, Misfit & Toy Factory’s Surfboard Tour of England stop off at our place! We’ll be hosting an evening of live music, sh...

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Bristol Surf Film Festival 2015 from Alejandro Casado on Vimeo.