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    About us

     Spoke & Stringer is an independent Bristol-based lifestyle brand, with a passion for curating menus & product collections to help you fuel your lifestyle & escape the daily grind. We are passionate about the health of not just the people we serve, but that of the planet too. We take a fresh approach with locally sourced & nutritionally rich ingredients and tick as many boxes as we can when it comes to operating our businesses in an eco-friendly manner.

    Spoke & Stringer was founded in 2014 by Kristian Crews, who dreamt up the business plan of combining his love of food with his passions for surfing, motorcycles, and cycling whilst working offshore in Australia as an engineer. Spoke & Stringer is built on a firm belief that a healthy body and mind play in your ability to maximise your freedom. Hours of riding a motorcycle, surfboard, or whatever it may be, takes its toll on the body - therefore you need to fuel up on foods with the highest nutritional value. 

    Visit us

    Spoke & Stringer, The Boathouse Unit 1, Gasworks Lane, BS1 5AT 
    Spoke & Stringer, Unit 8C Clifton Down Shopping Centre, BS8 2NN