Kick start 2020 with some tips from the Spoke & Stringer team

Kick start 2020 with some tips from the Spoke & Stringer team

Who knew there’s a ‘Ditch your New Year’s Resolution Day?’ Yes, you read that right. Apparently, Friday 17 January is the day that most Brits will give up and cheat on their good intentions for the year ahead.

Well, we’d like to help you dispel the myth and enjoy the new healthy promises you’ve made to yourself long into 2020. We’ve carefully curated our menus and product collections to help you fuel your lifestyles, lift your spirits and escape from the daily grind in a way that boosts your health and wellbeing.



If you ever need a reminder that staying healthy is easier than you expected, just drop by and indulge in food dedicated to fuelling your body, the right way. In the meantime, here are some tips from us to stick to your goals for the year ahead:

Drink coffee: Research shows that anyone struggling to exercise more should drink coffee to improve their energy levels and motivation. Just a single cup of coffee has found to help people stick to fitness regimes.

Plan ahead: The golden rule is that it takes three months for a new behaviour to become a habit. So, plan for the next few months and stick to it. By the spring you should find your new ambitions become far easier and you’ll be doing it without thinking about it.

Give yourself a break: So, you momentarily fell off the bandwagon, don’t beat yourself up. Committing to a healthier you does not mean you have to be perfect all the time, mistakes are normal, so shake it off and get back on track tomorrow.

Be social: It’s frequently recommended that if you want to stick to your goals, it’s best to pair up with a buddy and make it social. Plus, surely the best excuse for a brunch date is post workout, right?

Make it an experience: In order to commit to a fitter lifestyle, it’s best to include experience-rich fitness activities in your routines so let us introduce you to our culture of surfing, cycling and riding.

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