Super73 - Modular Cargo Crate and Net

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The SUPER73 Modular Cargo Crate is a premium cargo crate designed to fit all SUPER73 S-Series, R-Series bikes and SUPER73 ZX/Z Miami bikes . This rugged crate features lightweight Aluminium construction, a detachable cage and holds 2 grocery bags.

  • Lightweight corrosion-resistant Aluminium
  • Detachable cage
  • Premium powder-coated finish
  • Laser engraved SUPER73 ‘icon’ logo
  • Tamper-proof security hardware included
  • Dimensions: 41.9 x 31.75 x 15.87 cm

Compatible Accessories: Rear Cargo Rack

Compatible with:

  • SUPER73-RX Mojave
  • SUPER73-RX
  • SUPER73-S2
  • SUPER73-Z Miami
  • SUPER73-ZX
  • SUPER73-Z Adventure Series
  • SUPER73-S Adventure Series
  • SUPER73-R Adventure Series