Deus Ex Machina - In Benzin Veritas: The History of Deus Custom Motorcycles

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86, count them, 86 Deus custom motorcycles lovingly reproduced over 332 pages to create a seismic thud of paginated joy. The latest of DxM's coffee table crushers celebrates the company's first true love in virtually all its guises. This volume of velocity chronicles bespoke creations from every corner of the Deus universe: from eccentric, one-lung putt-putts to electric, carbon-composite hyperbikes.

Plot the journey starting with Deus' very first cafe racer through a whole decade-and-a-half of jaw-droppers, each beautifully photographed, many artfully illustrated, all wittily described by the inimitable always sideways wordsmith Gary Inman.

In Benzin Veritas is a compendium of custom cool. An encyclopaedia of extravagant engineering. A motorcycling magnum opus for all lovers of the mighty freedom machine.

Deus Book 3.0

About Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina is a renowned lifestyle brand that originated in Australia in 2006. The brand draws inspiration from motorcycle culture, surfing, and a passion for creativity and individuality. Deus Ex Machina, which translates to "God from the machine," embraces the idea of a handcrafted approach to life and celebrates the pursuit of adventure and self-expression.