Sea Pools

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The sea poses challenges with its ever-changing nature. Shielded from the hazards of currents, turbulent waves, and extreme cold, sea pools (also referred to as tidal or ocean pools) are artificially created pools offering a secure environment for swimmers to relish the sea's benefits regardless of tide or weather conditions.

The book "Sea Pools" commences with an exploration of sea pools in the context of outdoor swimming history. It delves into their distinctive designs, architectural significance, and reflects on the renewed appreciation for sea swimming in the 21st century.

Chris Romer-Lee carefully curates a selection of 66 stunning and culturally notable sea pools worldwide. Among them are the 25-metre cliffside Avalon Rock Pool in New South Wales, Australia, the picturesque Pozo de las Calcosas in Spain nestled in volcanic rock, and Ireland's historical Vico Baths, to name a few.