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    Spoke & Stringer Closes the Loop!

    We are beyond excited to announce that Spoke & Stringer is working with Vegware to introduce a Close the Loop scheme at our Restaurant & Deli on Bristol's beautiful Harbourside.


    We moved into our site almost four years ago, and since have been searching for ways in which we can have a positive impact in the area, and help lessen the harmful effects of single use plastics and other environmental issues that are facing us.

    The concept of composting packaging indefinitely and erasing the need for plastics may sound far-fetched, but it’s actually already happening!

    As an independent business so close to the Bristol Harbour with a busy Restaurant, Deli & Shop, and one of only three Bristol Businesses to be part of this scheme so far, we are encouraging everyone to spread the word and take part! 


    What does 'Close the Loop' mean?

    All our takeaway & catering packaging is made from compostable materials, which is designed to be processed together with food waste. 

    With a special food waste bin provided to us by Vegware's Environmental Team, all our compostable packaging and food waste is collected for commercial composting.

    How does Composting work?

    By composting commercial waste, we are creating high-grade compost in a matter of weeks, helping to feed future crops. 

    Industrial composting creates the perfect balance of microbes, moisture and warmth. In these optimum conditions, Vegware’s plant-based packaging composts together with food and garden waste. In under 12 weeks, this ‘waste’ is transformed into quality compost, to enrich soil and help new plants grow.

    Why is this Important?

    Composting is a form of recycling which keeps resources here in the UK, unlike much UK plastic and paper which is exported far overseas with no guarantee of it actually getting recycled. UK soils are in crisis, and the UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove has warned that British farms are 30 to 40 years away from “the fundamental eradication of soil fertility”. Compost returns nutrients to the soil, and has the added benefit of improving soil structure, reducing the risk of floods

    How can you Help?

    Support us, and other independent businesses by purchasing your takeaway drinks & lunch and bring back the packaging to our special food waste bins.

    To learn more about the Vegware Close the Loop watch the full video:

    Visit: www.vegware.com for more information

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    New year. New adventures. At Spoke & Stringer we have a massive site wide sale, with up to 50% off Deus ex Machina, Makia Clothing, Afends Womens, Xcel Wetsuits & many more!


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